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Monday, May 30, 2011

We Are Going To Haiti...

Remember when I hinted in another post how my husband and I might have an opportunity to participate in short-term missions this year? Well, the pieces are quickly falling into place for us to travel to the poverty stricken nation of Haiti. Although we are extremely excited to see how God will use us in this foreign country, we are both humbled and have a healthy nervousness about what we may encounter.

In late November, we will be traveling with an ABWE medical team and stay on site at the Baptist Haiti Mission outside Port-au-Prince. Many of you may be thinking, "What will you do? You have no medical experience at all!" You're right. But we are not going to be performing massive surgeries or stitching up open wounds. (I promise!) We will be performing simple eye exams and fitting the Haitians with proper eye glass prescriptions. We are actually attending a vision training seminar within the next couple weeks and will be officially certified to be eye examiners - only in third world countries, of course. :)

This past weekend, we had our first official "fundraiser" to offset some of our mission costs - a yard/bake sale. So many of my friends and family jumped on board to participate, either by donating items or baking yummy cookies to sell. We had a wonderful turnout and have already made significant progress toward our financial goal. Thank you so very much to everyone who was involved. I am truly blessed.

I promise to keep everyone updated about our trip. Joseph and I would very much appreciate your prayers in the coming months. We are hoping God will give us the opportunity to see the little girl we sponsor and possibly be able to help her family, financially or in some other way. We have so much, while they live on close to nothing. We don't want to leave without matching a personality to the face we have prayed for and loved.

Most of all, our greatest desire is for God to open our eyes and give us compassion for His people in Haiti, to be affected by their culture and their need for Christ. God forbid we return to America the same as which we left.


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