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Friday, May 27, 2011

Bloom Book Club: The Fitting Room

I really enjoyed participating in the One Thousand Gifts book club a few months ago, so I am at it yet again! I believe book clubs can be very beneficial to those who are involved, and the videos and discussions take you deeper into the author's purpose.
This time, Kelly Minter's book, The Fitting Room, has been chosen for the next Bloom Book Club. If you don't know Kelly, you can go here and be "formally" introduced!

Here is the description of her book:

How does 'clothing' yourself in Christian virtues like forgiveness, joy, patience, and compassion work in real life? Can you really 'dress up' in the character of Christ? Author, Kelly Minter, says the answer is 'yes' - if the Master Designer is allowed to do the fitting. Stitched together with dry humor and down-to-earth honesty, this book offers women an irresistible invitation to enjoy a spiritual makeover, personally tailored by the One who knows and loves them best.

The Fitting Room
is only $10.00 at Dayspring for a limited time, so get your copy now if you would like to join. You can find more details and the schedule here.

We start June 5th!

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