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Monday, July 18, 2011

8 Lies the Media Wants You to Believe About Your Marriage

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Romantic comedies play out on screen, portraying a love/hate relationship with a ton of laughs and major "awww....." moments at the end. Dramatic love triangles have you rooting for the sexy bad guy, who also happens to be a vampire. And while I love to read fiction, there is often an attitude of discontentment when the male protagonist seems more romantic than our own husbands.

Media really screws up our views on dating and marriage.

Here are 8 different lies they want you to believe will bring you a lifetime of love and romance, but instead, you end up disappointed, bitter, and doling out a big ol' green dose of envy.

1. Romance dies after you say "I do". 
Not true. You just have to work harder for it. Write post-its to put in your husband's lunch, schedule date nights, and talk about your dreams for the future. Sincerely place your husband's needs before you own, and you will benefit too!

2. You have to look like a supermodel for your husband to be physically attracted to you.
The T.V. screams size 0 and exotic looks, but do we really want to succumb to that kind of pressure? Your husband married you for you - your looks, your personality, your heart. Don't compare yourself to the Photoshopped images in the Victoria's Secret catalog. (This is the one I struggle with the most!)

3. Your husband should sport a ripped six-pack for you to be physically attracted to him.
Action heroes might have you wondering whether or not they actually own a shirt, but the reality is they trained months for that role. In the average household, we don't always have the time to visit the gym or the money to hire a personal trainer. Help your family eat healthy, exercise in moderation, and love your husband for who he really is.

4. Sarcasm works.
In reality, when a girl continually slams a guy, it doesn't entice him to fall in love with her. In fact, he's probably going to run the opposite direction. It might have worked  in Sweet Home Alabama, but it won't succeed in this household. 

5. The guy always chases after you when you drive off in a fit of tears and rage.
Nope. He will let you have your tantrum and wait for you to return so you can then proceed with an adult discussion.

6. Sex is a home run every single time.
I debated whether or not to post this one, but I think there are times when, as women, we really need to be vulnerable and honest with each other. If you enter into marriage thinking sex will unfold like a passionate movie scene, you will be sorely disappointed when it's not. Sex is different for every couple and you can't compare your experience to a scripted performance. 

7. Affairs are glamorous. 
Your soul mate is the one you married, so don't go looking for another one. 

8. Divorce is an easy option.
According to Hollywood, divorce is as easy as returning a pair of Louboutins, but it's an even bigger deal to God. Your marriage may warrant a divorce, especially if there is cheating or abuse, but it's still not that simple. It's not meant to be, because God created marriage to be permanent.

Your Turn:
Which lie do you have the hardest time negating?

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