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Friday, July 15, 2011

Links for Your Weekend

I have come across a few articles this week too good not to share. Browse through the posts at your leisure and enjoy some new reading material for your weekend!

1. Why We Don't Use Natural Family Planning by Her.meneutics

- A balanced approach on the use of contraceptives.

2. Why Did God Create Mosquitoes? by Think Christian

- Were mosquitoes part of the fall of man?

3. Staying Up in a Down Economy by The Frugal Girl

- To read or not to read the news.......that is the question.

4. iPad, iPod, iPhone, or the Great I AM? by Women Living Well

- Is it time to readjust your media usage?

An update on The Feminine Intellect:
We were really hoping to go live by today, but technology doesn't always cooperate. So, even though we are a little behind schedule, we are planning a new launch date on Friday, July 22nd! Can't wait!


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