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Friday, February 11, 2011

My Blog, My Accountability Partner

Day after day of checking my own stats, comments, and page views can, at times, be disappointing as well as discouraging. I really enjoy writing, so I am definitely not planning on quitting, but in order to keep my thoughts on a positive note, I think it might be beneficial to explain why I write. What urges me to put pen to paper and scribble out my incredibly exciting thoughts? :)

  • Writing encourages me to apply what I have learned. It keeps me engaged in current issues by dissecting and analyzing (sometimes too much!) the information I read, hear, and see everyday. It helps me process the depths of Scripture so I can properly act on what I have studied. Writing helps me formulate my own opinions and gives me a voice.
  • Writing on A Quiet Strength forces me to, well, write! When I personally subscribe to a blog, I expect certain things:
1.      I expect the information to be compatible with the niche, or main genre of the blog.
2.      I expect the topics to be applicable to my life and helpful in some way.
3.      I expect new content to be written consistently

Because I want to give those same things to my readers, I try to schedule specific times to write at least twice a week. I give myself deadlines. And for the most part, I am able to publish new posts every Monday and Friday. 

  • Maintaining a blog allows me to look back on my life’s journey. It’s fun to see how you grow as a person through the ups and downs of life. Watching my writing change and adjust throughout the years is also a source of encouragement! Even when I pore through my own personal journals, I can see improvement in many areas of my life, as well as others still begging for change. :)
  • Writing and blogging connects me to people. I am by no means a social butterfly, but I enjoy seeing the benefits of expanding my circles – whether it be with a reader or another blogger. The blog community gives you a chance to explore links, recipes, book clubs, and more! 
  • Writing may give me a chance to help someone else. Maybe someday I can impact others on larger scale, but for now, I try to focus on the previous four reasons and hope that sometime, or somewhere, maybe something I wrote lifted at least one person’s spirits and encouraged them to walk closer to Christ.
So there you have it - my mission statement for why I feel the need to write. I won’t lie…..it can be quite tedious, very demanding, and sometimes frustrating. But I find it oh so rewarding in the end.

Do you have a “mission statement” for doing something you enjoy?


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