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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lazy Day Sunday

It has been a high impact week for the Comings family. Every night was filled with a mess of plans, meetings, and get-togethers. Seriously, how is one supposed to cross anything off a list when my notepad fills up just as fast as I empty it? Not to mention the frustrations of the job hunt, feeling trapped in the situations I am involved in, and never feeling quite "caught up" after each day passes me by.

But Sunday became my reprieve. Church was canceled due to icy road conditions and I could just relax. Does that sound bad of me? I hope not. Because, as a Christian, your "day of rest" is not always a true day of rest. So often, there is the stress of the morning routine - trying to look your best and get out the door in time for services. Smiling and initiating conversation when all you feel like is hibernating for a whole week. Even the responsibilities of ministry on Sundays can be exhausting. Please do not misunderstand me - worshiping in a church setting, making connections with fellow believers, and ministering to others is very rewarding! But I was on the verge of burning out. And the icy roads allowed me to re-evaluate why I was doing those things as well as time to catch up on some much needed rest. And you know what? Next week, I will be so ready to dive back in!

So how did my hubby and I spend our leisurely Sunday? We slept in (of course!) and made these incredible cherry danishes in the morning. You have to try these - they are A-MAZ-ING! So much better than the store bought plastic-y ones. It must have been the day for new recipes, because we also tried our hand at these yummy pretzel bites as a Super Bowl snack later on. We then watched the game with my parents while I worked on a cross-stitch project I had been putting off for months.

It was low-key.

And it was wonderful.

What did you do this weekend?


jc said...

I understand how a "day of rest" can turn into a "day of stress." Of late my Sundays have been go to church then return home and nap/sleep/ do laundry as I nap/listen to the tv with my eyes closed. This was the first weekend in months that I did not have a nap. Monday I could tell I hadn't rested up.

Mom said...

The danishes were the best ever and the company was great too!

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