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Friday, May 21, 2010

Three Years.....

Wednesday was my husband's and my 3rd Anniversary. We had the whole day to ourselves! We had planned a massage in the morning, shopping in the afternoon, and then a nice dinner out. We had both never had professional massages before, so we were quite excited about getting them! What a relaxing time and I loved being treated like royalty. :) The staff was very attentive and went above and beyond their jobs to make us comfortable and relaxed.

Then it was off to Bainbridge a.k.a. Middle of Nowhere. But it is home to The Frog Pond, which has a ton of flowers, vegetable plants, and animals. I really wanted a baby duck, but Joseph said no. Guess I have to be more convincing next time. I still do not understand how you can resist these faces.

We ended the evening with a nice dinner at T.G.I. Fridays and lest you think I have lost my ever-loving frugal mind in celebrating this day, we did use a coupon for a free appetizer. :)

One of the traditions Joseph and I have implemented in our marriage is to take some quiet time on our anniversary and write down all the important events that happened in the previous year. We laugh, and remember the good times and not so good times, but we are always grateful for experiencing the ups and downs of life together.

Here is a sampling of what occurred in our 3rd year of married bliss:
  • Joseph's reporter rolled a Lockheed Martin JLTV with Joseph in the passenger seat. He ended up in the ER with stitches on the head and arm and was told to stay out of the sun and water. So.......
  • We left for Florida that weekend and spent time with my brother-in-law and sis-in-law at their home and also went to Key West. :)
  • I went full-time at the bank after I graduated, because I could not find a job within my field of study.
  • Then I went part time about 10 months later because I was incredibly stressed with cake orders piling up and I felt that was the direction I should pursue.
  • We bought a house, renovated the downstairs and had it rented out within 2 months.
  • We started a Vegetable Garden.
  • And I started a cake business in order to participate in the local Farmer's Market.
A lot of big things happened, and I am so glad I experienced all of them with my amazing husband!


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It's been a wonderful year for you guys!

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