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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Value of Good Neighbors

Ever since Joseph and I moved into our new home, we have been treated with nothing but kindness from our surrounding neighbors. We do not live in the most prestigious part of town, and sadly, my first impression of our new neighbors was purely built on visuals. I kept thinking, "What did we get ourselves into, and what kinds of people did we choose to live next to?"

 We have been in our neighborhood for almost four months now and I know exactly the kind of people who live there - the good-hearted kind who do not have much, but find joy in waving at you as you drive off to work and offering a simple hello every time they see you. They are always willing to lend a hand at shoveling snow and they generously give Easter treats to the girls down the street. Their backyards maybe have a little too much clutter for my taste, and their dress a little last century, but the inside of their hearts speak volumes.

Last night, as Joseph and I were outside in the backyard with Twix, one of the little girls came up with her father all excited about the new bunny they had just been given. She had seen our bunny before and wanted to come show us hers. I looked down at that timid little creature, wide-eyed and shaking in her arms, and immediately felt compassion for these people. My eyes were opened and I realized that these same neighbors I had judged only a few months earlier still needed Christ. And maybe God put Joseph and I in that neighborhood to show them that.

I really hope and pray that we can be a wonderful testimony to our neighbors. I do not need to be a ABWE appointed missionary in order to share the Word of God with others. The people of Binghamton need Christ just as much as the people in Mali, Africa do. For now, this is where God has placed us, and I hope I can be HIS shining light on Elm St.


Kelli said...

I hope for your sake that you can show them the Love of Christ! I am having a hard time with that....(our neighbors) I have a very not so nice man that lives next to me...I don't know if you've ever read my other blog or not...but I talk about him there....I struggle with the thought that though I don't like him...somehow Christ LOVES him and I have to learn to Love that way....But Yes...God puts us in places that we don't necessarily think we belong....but he always knows what's best for us....God Bless you.

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