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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Our DQ Date

Joseph and I like to arrange a date at least once a month. You would think since we are a family without kids, that we would end up having more time for each other. Hah! Our lives are so busy that we have to schedule our dates!

Since Dairy Queen is one of my favorite ice cream places ever, Joseph decided to take me there. Unfortunately, the nearest one is about an hour away in Oneonta. No worries though. We really enjoyed the drive out (even though there is not much along 88) and the ice cream was so worth it!

My husband sure loves his cookie dough! Although, I am quite  predictable as well - Reeses PB Cup Blizzard with Chocolate ice cream and extra PB Cups!

After our treats, we took a stroll down historic Main St. in downtown Oneonta and found "The Green Toad Bookstore"! A cousin of "The Blue Frog" cafe in Cortland, perhaps?

 All in all, the weather was wonderful, spring flowers were blooming, and I was hanging out with my best friend for the entire day. What could be better than that?



Melissa said...

Sounds wonderful, Kalyn! I love date nights!

Andrew said...

Mmmmmm....Dairy Queen!

H Hamilton Comings said...

I've GOT to visit that bookstore!!!

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