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Monday, January 18, 2010

Renovation Realities

"Designed to Sell", "Moving Up", "Flip That House", and "Income Property" make it look so easy. Professional design teams are able to transform one, two, and sometimes three rooms in one 1/2 hour show. I know quite a bit of editing goes on after filming, but still, these shows are not reality.

We have been renovating for a month so far and I have gone through so many experiences - some good and some bad.

The Good:
  • Seeing the end result of a room that is completely done almost makes it worth it.
The Bad:
  • Starting one project and realizing you just uncovered 20 more projects that have to be done before you can complete the first one. (e.g. Wanting to just paint the paneling on the walls, but realizing that the paneling doesn't go all the way to the ceiling so you decide to rip it out rather than put in dorky 5" molding, but then there are furring strips behind the paneling that created over a hundred holes in the wall, so you have to spackle the holes, and then sand them down...............*sigh*. Did I make my point?)
  • Picking paint colors - So stressful for someone who hates making decisions!
  • You start getting "construction" hands - chipped nails, rough skin, and paint all over your hands that will not come off. Not feeling very much like a girl lately.
  • Wanting to fix everything and realizing that your budget will only allow for two or three things.
  • Trying to clean up dirt that is caked on windowsills and shower rods. So gross!
  • Getting frustrated at your spouse because you are tired, cranky, and overworked.
Hmmmm, I sense an unevenness.

Well, I think we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel. We are almost done renovating the apartment and it should be available for renters soon. I cannot wait until we can sit back, relax, and..........................work on the upstairs! Ahem.

I think we will take a nice long break before we start anything else.

Before and After pictures coming soon!


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Classic. I can't wait to see the results!

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