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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

After-Christmas Steals

While scrounging around for some must needed items at Kmart the other evening, I came across a couple aisles that still contained Christmas supplies. I was quite shocked at how much was left! Usually, the shoppers who scout out the after-Christmas sales have already picked through all the good stuff. Since I did not get a chance to do any after-Christmas shopping this year, I was really excited when I found that there was still some really cute stuff for sale. They were outrageously inexpensive too!

Here's my loot:
Wanna know how much I saved???
  • The two packages of bows were originally $4.99 each - I got them for $.49 a piece.
  • Snowman cards were $7.00 - I got them for $.70
  • Winter cards were $3.49 - I got them for $.34
  • Mini gift bags were $2.29 and $1.69 - I got them for $.22 and $.16
  • Medium gift bag was $2.99 - I got it for $.29
  • The big gift bag was $3.99 - I got it for $.39
If I had paid the original price for all of these items, I would have spent $26.44.
I actually bought everything in the pictures for only $2.59!

How awesome is that? I contemplated buying more, but then I thought.........if I keep adding more Christmas stuff to my already big stash of supplies, simply because of a good deal, it would begin to eliminate the purpose of frugality. (And create more clutter) :)

Anyhow, I am quite pleased with what I picked out and I know I will definitely be using these items for next year!


Kayli said...

wow! that's insane how cheap they all were! i found a few good ones at target, some plates & cups for analiese each for 99cents i was pretty pumped about mine but you must be even more so about your finds! it almost makes me want to go the stores & see if there are any hidden christmas leftover sales. but i probably shouldn't for the same reason as you for not buying more.

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