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Monday, January 25, 2010

Renovation Pics!

We are finally done with the apartment! Here are some before and after pictures......

The Main Living Room: BEFORE
This room was where we spent most of our time and dollars. It was completely covered in this dark paneling with a drop-down ceiling (not shown here.) Add to that a yucky purple carpet that was really worn out. This type of living room gave you a claustrophobic and cave-like first impression.

While we originally wanted to simply paint over the paneling, we realized that was impossible after eliminating the drop-down ceiling.
There were about four to five inches between the paneling and the ceiling that we would have to cover. Hmmm....not feeling the giant-size molding we would be required to use.

We timidly tore down the paneling, not sure of what we would find. Nothing a little (or ALOT) of Spackle and sanding couldn't fix, right?

The Main Living Room: AFTER
Introducing Joseph's pride and joy - the new ceiling fan. :)
Window blinds and a paint job - Valspar's "Churchill Hotel Maple" on the walls and "Cream Delight" on the trim.

And all new laminate flooring!

The Bedroom: BEFORE
I forgot to take pictures before we did any painting, so the primed trim will have to suffice. :(
(Use your imagination and pretend that the trim around the window and closet are a dark ugly brown.)

The Bedroom: AFTER
Mainly just a paint job - Valspar's "Homestead Resort Buff" on the walls and "Cream Delight" on the trim. Plus new blinds and a shelf in the closet above the clothing bar.

The Bonus Room (could be made into a 2nd bedroom): BEFORE

The Bonus Room:
Same color combo as the Living Room.

The Kitchen and Dining Room:
The only thing needed in here was a good scrubbing. Long term, we would like to replace the floor and eventually paint the walls.

The Bathroom/Laundry Room:

The only thing new and improved is the caulking around the sink. Otherwise, it was in desperate need of cleaning.

Wallpaper stays up for now, but eventually coming down.

That's our rental apartment! Now, we just need a good renter!


Kelli said...

very nice! Some seriously hard working going on there. Such fun isn't it?! ;0)

Joseph said...

Fan... with no shock required! :-D

Melissa said...

It's a lovely little apartment! Good job! Love your color choices!

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