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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pet Peeves

While some things drive me insane, others tend to only slightly annoy me. Any which way you slice it, I can usually find humor in the trite things of life. Today I feel compelled to share some of my pet peeves so that you too may laugh at the crazy things people do!

Kalyn's Top Ten Infamous Pet Peeves:
10. Customers who throw garbage in our "Coat Drive" bin at the bank.
9. Drivers who obviously do not know how to operate a blinker.
8. Cars who hover behind people who are walking in parking lots just so they can be the first one to grab that prime spot.
7. Clicky pens and those who decide to constantly click them.
6. Unpainted toenails.
5. Dirty clothes that intentionally do not make it to the hamper.
4. Drivers who think they can still make that yellow light when it is undeniably red.
3. Customers who forget to do their banking until 5 minutes before we close.
2. Holes in socks. (Throw them away!)
and my number one pet peeve is......
1. Customers at the bank who think they are so hilarious and original when I ask them "How do you want your cash back?" and they say......."In pennies". (Do not underestimate me. I will do it someday!) :)

What are some of your own pet peeves? Trust me....this exercise is quite liberating!

*Edit 10/24/09*
I have just added another pet peeve. I was attending a bridal shower today and the bride opened duplicates of many gifts off her registry....including mine. Do people not understand how to use a registry? I, for one, know for sure that when I bought her toaster, it was still available on the registry list. I also remembered to scan the registry at the checkout counter so the item would immediately be marked fulfilled. Meanwhile, someone else who does not know how to use a registry, or does not care, simply buys whatever she wants without bothering to check to see if the item was fulfilled or not. This is not only annoying, but also quite embarrassing for the one who bought the gift in the first place! (And knew how to use the registry) :)


Kristina Petrella said...

my pet peeves

In no specific order....it totally depends on what day it is and what bugs me more....

-an empty toilet paper roll that no one replaced
-finding that I forgot to turn on the dryer after I put the wet clothes in
-a book that ends predictably
-blogging and having my computer promptly shut down just as I am about to hit "send"
-professor's inconsistencies with class expectations
-no more hot water

there are many many more, but most of them deal with the kids....God is trying to teach me to "let go"

Andrew said...

One of mine: People who say "Andrew, will you please pray for ..." and then proceed to give details of that for which I am to pray. I feel like saying "Well, God, you heard him. Amen."

Melissa said...

Oh yeah, #4 especially. That drives me crazy!

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