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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Memory Verse Pit

Remember when we used to memorize verses frantically in our Sunday School classes just so we could see colorful stickers accumulate on our charts? Call me a shallow little girl, but that's all I was concerned about. Not much changed for me even when I launched into my Jr. High and High School years. The period before Bible class I would force multiple verses into my brain so I could score an easy 100%. As a result, only a minimal amount of verses have embedded themselves in my head, and in my heart. I am embarrassed that those precious words of Scripture only made it into my short-term memory.

I am working on changing that. Scripture memorization has become an important part of my everyday life and has become more than just memorizing to me now. I need to soak in the words of our Lord and remember His promises to help me through my day. In order to do that, I keep a little notebook with me in my car (that's where I memorize best), so that while I am driving I can hide God's words in my heart. It makes such an unbelievable difference in my day when I am meditating on Scripture! Even "common" or frequently used verses take on a whole new meaning as I ponder each word and realize the true meaning for the first time. I am experiencing God on a whole new level!

"I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." Psalm 119:11


Emily said...

How true. I love the NAS of Psalm 119:11-"Your word I have treasured in my heart,That I may not sin against You." It reminds me of how much we need to treasure God's Word and how special it really is.

Melissa said...

What a sweet blog you have! Awana was such a great thing when I was little, even though at the time I didn't appreciate it, there is so much scripture still in my head from many years in a Awana. I really need to get into a scripture memorizing routine again. I have this problem with starting and doing it for a few weeks and then letting it slide. Thanks for the encouragement to start my scripture memorization again! God bless you, Kalyn!

Anonymous said...

How very true...and how very pervasive in our western Christian culture. Memorization, meditation...and just continually reading all of God's word are vital for spiritual growth.

Thanks for the reminder!

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