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Friday, February 6, 2009

A New Perspective

I have not posted in a while...much has happened in the past couple of weeks that have not allowed me to see clearly. Looking back, I can now say that God was teaching me through those infamous trials!

Let me share one experience that happened to me last week. The day before one of my classes began, I was reading through the syllabus and realized that this class was a lab for two other classes I took a couple semesters ago. I was not supposed to be enrolled for this specific course. After dropping the class I then became two credits short of graduating. I went to my adviser (who "advises" 300 people or so), and he gave me a few different options to try, all of which failed. It is the second week of classes, and every two credit course is filled up! I am so busy with working at the bank and taking upper level courses that overloading, applying for an internship or independent study was not an option. I tried to petition into a few other courses, but was rejected for all of them. With no additional help from my adviser, I realized I would not be able to graduate. There was just no way it would work out. It took a day or two of hysterics and sobbing to realize that my dream, my goal, would be pushed off until December and I would need to take a summer course. I felt that I had worked so hard to get to this point in my life that I deserved to be graduating in May with my friends, so I could then focus on my career!

God had a different plan. I slowly began to trust that He had control of the situation. I finally came to terms with the fact that I would just have to postpone graduation and spend some of my summer taking another course. I was trying so hard to be content!

The next day, I was looking through courses again. (I knew it was a lose-lose situation, but I guess I still hadn't given up hope that a miracle might happen). That's when I saw my doctor's name as the instructor for a two credit Aerobics class. I called her, explained my situation and Joseph drove over to her office while I was at work to give her my petition form. She let me in the class! Albeit I'm sore every Monday and Wednesday, but I don't care! I have those 2 credits, I'm going to walk down that aisle in May, and I have a God who allowed this to all work out! It was almost as if He was testing me to be content with what He was doing. And I think I passed!

It doesn't always work out like this. In fact, sometimes God takes away the things that are most important to you to test your faith, without giving them back. He knows what is best. It is hard for us as humans to comprehend that, but we must still give Him the praise and the glory.

Given a new perspective, I can now see that this trial was necessary. My faith was strengthened as a result!

"You see the whole parade
From the beginning to the end
You know the route that my life will take
You know exactly where I've been
'Cuz while I only see what's goin' by in front of me
You see the whole parade." ~ Go Fish


Kristina Petrella said...

Hey Kalyn- congrats!!!! It is so hard when God throws you a curve ball in life. It is something I struggle with daily. Not to get too personal or anything, but Paul and I were done having kids and then....voila....number three...major curve ball. However, hearing stories like yours continues to give me hope. I am totally happy for you and am excited that you get to graduate as planned!

Joseph said...

I'm so proud to be your husband. As the guy I know that I am supposed to the spiritual leader in our relationship... but so often I realize that you learn so much on your own and teach me more in these moments than I could teach you in a lifetime.

_Love You Always,

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