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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Who hasn't been obsessed with Stephanie Myers' Twilight Series lately? The movie, Twilight, which was recently released, made $70.6 million in its debut weekend alone! I decided to experience the obsession for myself and went and saw the movie, then proceeded to read all four books within a week. (Those are some 600 page books by the way.) When I finished the first one at 10:30pm, I immediately drove to Barnes and Noble because I just had to buy the second one. I was definitely hooked.

The whole series revolves around two main characters, Edward and Bella, who find themselves in the middle of an amazing love story. The problem is.....Edward happens to be a vampire. The twists and turns that Stephanie Meyer unfolds in her novels are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and grasping for more.

But some say Twilight is the new Harry Potter and Christians are wary of the mystical creatures and evil that exist in the story. (Maybe these Christians should protest The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings.)

There are multiple websites claiming Twilight is completely inappropriate reading material and it goes against the Bible. They pull things out of the story that are out of context or based on hearsay, just so they can prove their point. Meanwhile, they refuse to read and examine the very thing they criticize.

There are situations in the novels that could prove controversial for a Christian, such as vampires who kill humans to feast themselves on their blood. But these are the type of vampires condemned in the books. Edward's family of vampires drink the blood of animals rather than humans because they disagree with killing other people. Also, when an unexpected pregnancy occurs, Bella refuses to dispose of the baby simply because it is an inconvenience or poses a threat to her own life. The value of human life is a substantial theme throughout Twilight, something that is very rare in today's society.

I am not going to nit-pick the entire series for everyone, because I believe that not everything needs to be analyzed to death. As a Christian, we need to be aware of what the world is offering and read all books with our Biblical glasses, but we have more important jobs to do than argue and debate petty issues based on fiction.


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