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Friday, February 13, 2009

Adopt a Bunny

I have the most adorable pet bunny in the world! Twix is a English Lop mix and her unique personality has brought me so much joy! Sadly, not many rabbits end up in a home like we provide for Twix. They are left outside in a small cage and have no social interaction at all. Rabbits are actually very social creatures and will only live a fulfilled life if they are accepted as a family member.

Last summer, Joseph and I rescued a rabbit who had been set free in a crowded neighborhood. He was an Easter bunny castaway - bought for a child who could not take care of it, so the mother let it roam free outside. That is bunny homicide! Domestic rabbits cannot survive on their own and most often become a predator's food.

Joseph and I really wanted to keep our rescued pet, Carter, but at the time, we could not afford to pay for the neutering and the additional food and litter. We finally found a Carter a home, one we believed would be good to him, and promised to never provide foster care for another pet again. They are too hard to give away!

This is why I am encouraging families to adopt a bunny. There are so many cuties waiting to be rescued from overcrowded shelters and given a permanent home. If you are strongly considering saving a rabbit, there are some precautions to consider before you adopt:

  1. Dogs and rabbits are an absolute no-no. Dogs are one of a rabbits worst predators.
  2. If you have small kids, it is fine to adopt a rabbit, but the pet cannot be your child's sole responsibility. Adults must take care of rabbits because they are high maintainence - oftentimes, more than a dog or cat!
  3. You must bunny-proof your home. Rabbits are notorious for chewing and digging!
  4. Rabbits should be neutered or spayed. Otherwise they will mark their territory or develop health problems.
  5. They need to live indoors as a member of your family.
Links for local shelters:
The Rabbit Resource
Pet Finder


Joseph said...

Twix is the best pet I've ever had. When we got her I remember you saying that you wanted her to follow you around the house, hop up on your lap and beg for attention. I also remember telling you that she probably wouldn't do any of those because she was a rabbit... turns out I was very wrong and your hopes were fulfilled! She even jumps on my head when I'm napping to "ask" to be fed. Cutest pet ever!

JC said...
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JC said...
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JC said...
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