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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pray for Every Nation: Albania, Algeria, and Andorra

This series is based on the Radical Experiment by David Platt. You can find more information about my decision to join here. If you would like to participate, please let me know with a comment or email and feel free to grab the button on my sidebar. I hope this journey will enrich your prayer life as much as it does mine!
Albania: Majority of the 3.1 million people are Muslim.

Praise - The country has slowly opened up to the ministry of the gospel.

Prayer -  Pray that believers would have an effect on a government ridden with corruption.

Algeria: Majority of the 35.4 million people are Muslim.

Praise - There has been much growth through the Algerian church.

Prayer -  In December, four Christians received prison sentences for opening a church without a license. Pray that these believers will be encouraged as they finish out their time. 

Andorra: Majority of the 86,000 people are affiliated with the Catholic church.

 Prayer - Andorra is a very materialistic culture, as it attracts many financially well-off tourists. Pray that they may find satisfaction in the Truth.


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