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Friday, January 14, 2011

Perfect the Environment, Perfect Man

Could stricter gun laws have prevented last week's shooting rampage in Arizona? What about intensive background checks or heightened security around political officials? We all know increased regulations directly correlate with increased safety of the American people, right? At least that is what the government feeds us whenever an attack like this happens on our soil.

Arizona has some of the most lenient gun laws in the United States. You are not required to have a permit, and you can carry your concealed weapon just about anywhere - even into government buildings. But these permissive "regulations" also allowed citizen Joseph Zamudio the chance to use his weapon against the shooter, if needed.

It would take much more than one post to thoroughly debate the controversial topic of gun control, but my main point is drawing your attention towards the operator of the weapon, rather than the weapon itself. Every human being is born in total depravity - we are by no means "basically good". On the other side, atheists believe man is born perfect and becomes corrupted as a result of the environment. Thus, the need to control one's environment, particularly in the way of gun control. Because man is inherently evil, no amount of control will limit his actions. Adam and Eve were born into a perfect environment and they still sinned against God. (S. Michael Fort)

The Bible does not restrict the use of weapons, whether they be stones (1 Sam. 17:48-49), spears, swords, or bows (Neh. 4:13-18). He does strictly forbid murder (Ex. 20:13), although he also allows for self-defense if you are absolutely certain of the perpetrator's intent (Ex. 22:2).

Pro-gun or not, Americans throw around as many facts and figures concerning crime rate percentages as they can, but it still does not resolve either side of the issue. I think that if we turn our focus to evangelizing and reaching the lost with the word of God, we can be much more successful at gun control than the government.
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Melissa said...

I agree very much. The gun is not the issue, but rather the deceitfulness of the human heart. As long as there is evil in this world their will be murder whether they restrict fire arms or not.

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