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Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For This Year

It always amazes me how quickly my attitude can be turned around if I start listing all the things I am thankful for! This is an exercise that should be practiced often, but especially done on Thanksgiving Day!

Here's my list, from the serious to the not-so-serious......

1. God's Grace. I cannot imagine where I would be right now if I didn't have Him. He loves me when I am so incredibly unlovable!

2. My Husband, Joseph. If anyone could show me what the love of Jesus is like, my husband would be the perfect example. Even when I am an absolute brat, he still pours out his love on me!

3. My Family. I love having family around. I love the comfortable feeling that flows through me when I hear their laughter, craziness, and sarcasm. It's my family. :)

4. My Bunny, Twix. Amidst all the hair in the carpet and jumping on your head in the morning when its time to wake up, she brings a smile to my face. Life would be much more boring without her lively antics!

5. Our Own House. It's not just an apartment, it is an actual house that we live in! And God has provided so that we have never been late on a mortgage payment!

6. Financial Provision. We have never been lacking in what we need. Things have been tight sometimes, but God always provides at the moment we least expected.

7. Psalm 77. When life seems to go completely wrong and it seems there is no hope for the future, I try to remember how the Lord has been so good to me!

8. My Love Affair with Ice Cream. From DQ to Giffords, from Edy's to Turkey Hill, I am in love with the creamy concoction. Nothing else perks up a bad day like some ice cream!

9. Stretchy Pants. So thankful someone invented these so I could eat my ice cream!

10. The Love for Travel. God has given me a great desire to see the world. From the top of Mount Washington to the deep sea of Key West, I am always amazed at His creation. How can you not believe in a God after seeing his Wonders?

 Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


Kristina said...

What a great list, Kalyn. Check out the gratitude community at aholyexperience.com
I too am thankful for stretchy pants as well as ice cream and Jesus himself. This year has taught me so much about trust and provision and yet I know have a long way to go!
Enjoy your day!

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