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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Modern Girl vs. Old-fashioned Love

"A dirty little secret is being kept by many smart, independent women: In relationships, they'd prefer not to wear the pants. In fact, they long for their guys to kick it old-school by, say, opening the car door, picking up the dinner tab, and eventually, asking Dad's permission for their hand in marriage."
~ "The Romance Paradox", Women's Health Magazine

This quote may make some women cringe, as their feminist ideals are seemingly thrown out the window. But for others, including myself, this fact comes as no surprise. Women want to be treated like fine china and "progressive" women secretly feel the same.

"No matter how powerful and independent they are, women still want to be pursued, protected, and cared for by their partners," says psychologist Diana Kirschner, Ph.D.

Shrinks and psychology professors try to blame it on our "animal" instinct, concluding that women evolved from creatures who wanted to mate with strong and stable partners who would be sure to protect and provide for their children. In today's age, this primal instinct reappears in a man's ability to take charge in the relationship.

Well, they can analyze the male-female dynamic as much as they want, but it still does not take away from the truth. It does not negate our God-given gender roles.

Adam was created to be the protector, the provider, and the respected leader of the family.

Eve was created to come along side Adam and be the caring, and nurturing one of the family.

Before you lose yourself to the world's philosophy of sexist empowerment, look back to the Bible and see what God's Word has to say. Just because you are a women who embraces her role as her husband's help-meet, it does not mean you are weak. You have a very powerful presence in the home and in the world. Your female identity is complemented by your man's and vice versa.

So next time your ego gets in the way of a man holding the door open for you or pulling out your chair at the dinner table, think back to how God created you as a women. Then thank your man for embracing his masculinity.


Joseph said...

I got a dirty look the today holding the door open for a woman. I wanted to hand her a link to your blog :-D

Bethany said...

Right on!! I am taking a feminist class right now at BU...wow!! I am so glad I am a Bible believing girl who knows its okay for her man to open her door!

Kayli said...

I love this post. It is so true & I wish more women would see it & hopefully there will be a big change!
By the way, stop by my blog, there's a lil something for ya ;)

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