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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Future of "A Quiet Strength"

I am struggling with the direction in which to take my blog. Should I employ a niche strategy and hone in on one or two important topics? Or do I maintain a diverse form of writing that mirrors my personal hobbies and interests? Or maybe I should just shut this blog completely down right now. Who really wants to read what an Upstate NY girl has to say anyway?

The fact is, I enjoy writing. I love having a place to come to and pour out my thoughts, whether it be simply about my day, or something profound God has taught me through the pages of Scripture. Even if my number of followers continue to be minimal, I will still write because I love having this part of my life to look back on and see how I have grown as an individual. Having others who are just as interested in my thoughts as I am, is just a perk.

However, I would still love to grow my blog, meet new people, and impact more lives, if God so allows. Would you consider taking this short, anonymous, survey for me? Pretty please? There is no incentive for filling it out (a crime as a marketing student, I know), but the survey is not long and you would receive the grand satisfaction of knowing you helped someone out in their pursuit for an online purpose. :)

Thank you!

A Quiet Strength Blog Survey


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