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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recent Confections

It seems as though I have been baking and decorating non-stop!

These Hibiscus flower cupcakes were made for a small reception. Not everyone could attend the destination wedding, as it was held on a tropical island, so the parents of the bride decided to throw a party for friends and family.

I absolutely love how these flowers turned out. (I made some in pink too). Makes me want to find an excuse to throw my own Luau party! Oh the ideas!

I also had a fairly large wedding cupcake order this past week. Four different flavors and almost a hundred sugar roses! The roses were quite time consuming, and even though I loved the end result, they were still time consuming. Blah.

I have only a couple more cakes to bake/decorate and then my commitments are complete. I hope God has a couple open doors for me after that!


H Hamilton Comings said...

I was reading this morning of the man gifted in artistry who was appointed to oversee the construction of Solomon's temple. God has gifted you with an artists eye and a sensitive heart. He is going to use you to build beautiful things in many lives. There will be open doors. Be sure of it.

Melissa said...

Yes, I was at the picnic where your pretty luau cupcakes were served. They were BEAUTIFUL! And WOW, those peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes were AMAZING!

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