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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Summer Project

I have slowly been thinking of ways to renovate and re-decorate the upstairs portion of our home. Lately, I have been working on color schemes. In our old apartment, our living room used to be olive green and chocolate brown, but this time around, I wanted something brighter and more welcoming.

I figured there is nothing that changes up a room like new pillows do! But I did not want to go out and buy pillows, so I went with a cheaper alternative and made slipcovers for my old ones.

I was originally inspired by this slipcover tutorial here and then I found a gathered pillow tutorial here. I absolutely fell in love with the gathered pillow! So unique and fun! Here's the results:

I made the brown and turquoise pillows myself and my mom graciously made the gathered ones. I am so excited at how well everything turned out and cannot wait to finish up the room! (Especially when we finally dispose of the ugly paneling!)

Want to know how much I spent on everything?

$11.00 and some change!

So much cheaper than buying four new pillows at $10-$20 a piece!


Joseph said...

What... you don't like the paneling?!?! Darn. ;-)

Andrew said...

I saw those pillows "in person". Very nice.

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