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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Completing Him Challenge: Time Management

Time management is an area that I am pretty good at. Actually, I am almost too good at it. I manage my time so well that every minute of every day is usually filled up with one activity or another. Making cakes, talking with potential clients, trying new recipes, baking, keeping house, and tackling all those other items on my never ending to-do list. Oh, and forget trying to plan social events a day or two before they happen - I need at least 2 weeks! Those white spaces in my daily planner disappear in no time.

So where does that leave my husband? How do I squeeze him into my daily routine? Unfortunately, he often gets left out as we busily prepare for market or an upcoming wedding cake. We are doing better at making time for each other, but it is still a daily struggle. I always feel so guilty if I take the time to actually relax with my husband. There is always something that has to get done!

This week, Courtney's challenge was to make a list of items that I do (or don't do) as a wife and let my husband prioritize them according to what is most important to him. e.g. A clean home, saving money, a balanced meal every night, etc. This was such an eye-opening exercise! Things that are super important to me are not as important to my husband. For instance, Joseph loves a nice home-cooked meal, but it is not a big deal if I do not have one ready every night. Meal times are enjoyable for him not only because of the food, but also because we get to sit down together and talk about our work days. That was only one of the many things I learned about my husband because I actually took the time to find what he considers to be important.

Such a good lesson in communication and managing your time with your husband in mind!


Sharon Cohen said...

What a wonderful eye opener! I've been testing the art of intentionally living each day as opposed to my accidental way of doing things. I find that every day I must make an intentional effort to keep my husband's priorities in line with mine. I can "short change" him much too easily. Hmm. Maybe the adversary is more fully aware of this than me?

You're doing a wonderful job with this challenge. Your marriage will be blessed for your efforts.

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