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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two Cake Orders! (In one week!)

First Cake:

This elegant communion cake was a Golden Butter flavor with a Vanilla Pudding filling. No, not the instant kind - the good old-fashioned homemade kind! I am not a pudding person when it comes to cake fillings, and neither is Joseph, but we both agreed this recipe tasted wonderful!

The rosary necklace was made out of gumpaste and painted with a luster dust to make the cross sparkle!

Second Cake:

For this cake, I was asked to do a sports theme for a baby boy who was turning one. Thank goodness I already had the chocolate molds for the sports balls! (There is a basketball and soccer ball on the other side.)

This cake was so much fun to do and the customer loved the end result. I think that is the most rewarding part of my work. I put hours into these cakes (as does my husband!), but when you present the finished product to your client and receive glowing compliments, you know all that hard work was so worth it! :)


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