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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Re-evaluating Priorities

Life is crazy.

And I have a tendency to make it even crazier.

Thus the need to re-evaluate my priorities so I can pursue what is really important to me. I began with answering these three questions to help me in defining my life's purpose.

1. What do I love to do?
I love to learn through reading and enjoy trying to put what I read into practice. I also like to communicate what I am learning to others. I love thinking and stretching my mind as I study God's Word. I love being creative and enjoy using my creativity to preserve memories through scrapbooking and decorating cakes for special occasions. I love to bake (cookies, breads, cakes, etc.) and my baking often becomes an outlet for whatever seems to be bothering me. I love to travel and see new sights, yet I also love it when I am able to be home. I love saving money and I get high off of a super good deal. :)

I love doing all these things, yet I rarely have time to do any of them.

2. What am I good at doing?
(This one took a while - I kept thinking of things I am not good at!)
I am good at organizing, multi-tasking, and giving attention to details (sometimes much to my chagrin). I also have the gift of Administration - If I am given a task, it will get done, and it will get done well. Half-hearted is not in my vocabulary. I am good at listening to what is said and what is not said. I am good with money, keeping a budget, and saving for the future. I have a business-driven mind.

3. If I could change the world, what would it look like?
I would change the way society thinks about morality. Life would be valued and the family would, once again, become a highly respected institution.
Also, the government, especially New York State, would deregulate so I could make my cake business dreams into a reality. Officials would realize that all their procedures and red tape discourage Americans from becoming entrepreneurs, and actually stifle the economy instead of stimulating it.

Next, comes the time to put it all together into one statement that becomes your life's purpose:

My life's purpose, first and foremost, is to use my passion for learning to cultivate and enhance my relationship with God and with my husband. My gift of administration will be used to improve our home and business ventures, while also allowing an outlet to express my creativity. All while keeping in mind, that no matter what I do, it is all for the glory of God.

That statement now becomes my focus. I have multitudes of goals, but if my schedule becomes too tight to glorify God through the process, then I have to learn to say "no" to some of those goals. My life's purpose will help define these limits.

Feeling like you are unsure of where you fit in God's purpose and plan? I would encourage you to begin answering these same questions so you can construct your own purpose statement. Even if you are already sure of your calling, it will still be beneficial to see your life's purpose in writing.
This post is in response to "The Maximized Life" series over at Mama Buzz


M and M said...

I just saw your link. I am SO sorry I never responded to this post of yours! Within a few days of the post that asked for your link, my 2 year old ended up in the hospital with pnuemonia so I totally missed this.

But i am reading it now and it touches me deeply. :) Thank you for sharing your heart.


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