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Monday, February 8, 2010

Frugal Valentine's Day Ideas - Part 1

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching! Have you made your romantic plans yet?

This year, Joseph and I really wanted to go away for the weekend, but wouldn't you know, that hotel rates are much higher around V-day! So, we decided on a more frugal option.

We will be eating out this Saturday for lunch at a place where we spent our very first Valentine's Day together as a couple. If it is sunny/warm enough, we may walk around one of our old haunts and then head back to our house for a scrumptious chocolaty dessert. Should be a special time for me and my man!

Not feeling like spending a whole lot this year? Try out some of these frugal ways to spend your day:
  • Opt to go out for lunch instead of dinner. The prices will be much cheaper, and the restaurants will probably be less crowded!
  • Make a special homemade dinner that includes dessert and a special drink. (By candlelight, of course!)
  • If you are feeling more casual, have an indoor picnic right on your living room floor.
  • Stay home for dinner, but go out for dessert!
  • Make it a movie night, pop some of your favorite popcorn, and watch a couple romantic comedies.
What are your plans for this Valentine's Day?


Kayli said...

Our plans are (Analiese & mine) happening a couple of days before valentine's day to avoid the crowds & because it falls on a sunday. we are going to an aquarium & then out to johnny rockets for lunch! Much cheaper than trying to eat at say, chuck e cheese for dinner.
I like your plan, I hope it's warm enough out for you to do it. Where did you first go on v-day as a couple? Wouldn't that be our senior year ;)

Kalyn said...

Sounds like you have a fun day planned!

Joseph and I ate at A-1 for our very first Valentine's day. We are hoping to then walk some of the trails at Lime Hollow. (That is, if the snow is melted enough and it isn't too muddy.):)

Our senior year seems like it happened so long ago. We are getting old! LOL.

Kristina Petrella said...

If you and Kayli are old, then please, ladies...what does that make me, lol.

Paul and I are going to get a sitter for the kids and head out for a double date with some friends.

Not so frugal, but we are kind of celebrating the fact that neither of us is unemployed at the moment (he was unemployed last year and I was prego, so that made for an interesting valentine's day).

You could always try snow-shoeing at Lime Hollow if you have access to snow-shoes.

Sounds like a great Valentine's day for you two! I hope you enjoy it!

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