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Sunday, February 14, 2010

How Sweet It Is

What an incredibly awesome Valentine's Day for my husband and me! Taking a day to contribute some much needed time and effort into our relationship did wonders for our marriage. So often, it seems like we are hopelessly caught up in this crazy cycle called life..........Wake up, Go to work, Come home, Eat dinner, Wash dishes, Pick up house, Go to bed, and Repeat. Sometimes Joseph and I end up just being roommates who simply co-exist in the same living quarters.

It is days like yesterday that cause me to re-evaluate our relationship and focus on the most important priorities in life. We were finally able to talk, communicate, share our hearts, and make new memories without the pressures of daily life surrounding us. I have so missed this quality, uninterrupted time with my best friend!

So how do I keep my constant busyness from negatively impacting my marriage?

Slowly, I am learning that my to-do list does not have to be complete in order for me to snuggle up with my husband and watch a movie nor do I need to make myself feel guilty when items around the house are not in their proper place. Which is more important - neglecting your husband because you absolutely need to finish washing those dishes, or actually taking the time to invest yourself in his life and he in yours? I want to be known as the wife who chose the latter.

When you stop and allow yourself to cherish and adore your husband instead of insisting on finishing your daily tasks, you find out, in return, how sweet it really is to be loved. :)



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