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Monday, July 4, 2011

Summer Series: Date Idea #3

Click here to read the intro post titled, "The Summer of the Intentional Marriage".

Date Idea #3: The Best Local Chocolate Chip Cookie Contest

Joseph and I both love chocolate chip cookies, but with every local bakery touting that their confection is the absolute best, we had to find out for ourselves.

We went to five different locations - three bakeries, one grocery store, and even a fast food restaurant - and rated every cookie on a 1-5 scale, accounting for taste, texture, and aesthetics.

We put each cookie on a paper plate and had the business name written on the bottom. We didn't want to be swayed by what we thought would be a good tasting cookie.

Mmmm....this is making want a cookie right now!

We weren't truly blown away by any one cookie (I think my homemade are still the best!), but we had so much fun driving around, and were able to experience some of our local bakeries for the first time. Between gas and the price of our cookies, we spent only around $10.00 for this date - AMAZING!

Later that day, we decided to rip apart our shed. Not exactly date material, but it was still fun!

Use the comment section to tell me all about your latest date night and have a very happy July 4th celebration!


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