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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer Series: Date Idea #1

Click here to read the intro post titled, "The Summer of the Intentional Marriage".

Date Idea #1: Dinner and a Movie.......Take-Out Style

Since when do you have to "go out" for a date night? You can create a very special night at home for the two of you, and you can do it under $20!

Here are the details...

1. We dressed up.

Most of us women dress up only to go out for dinner or a special event. But there are times when I know I am only doing so for the benefit of others, not necessarily for my husband. Since we were not going anywhere, we decided to take time to look especially nice for one another. It actually made the night more fun!

2. We ordered take-out.

 I could have made dinner - it would have been a lot cheaper, but it also would have been a lot more hassle. This way, I could sit back and enjoy our meal without working in the kitchen or staring at a huge stack of dirty dishes.

3. We had our own dessert.

We had a coupon to make our take-out less expensive, so we wanted to splurge and add a dessert. But the cheesecake we ordered was, shall we say, quite unpleasant. So we dug into our stockpile of ice cream. :)

4. We ordered a Red-Box movie.

Seriously, you can't go wrong for a $1.08 movie.

We both had a really enjoyable evening and it was nice to actually focus on each other, instead of the never-ending pile of things to do in our house!

Other Variations/Ideas:
- If you find yourself lacking in conversation, come up with some topics before hand. You can do this by creating "conversation cards" and whenever you find yourself hitting a lull, pull one out to discuss. You may find out something about your spouse you never knew before!


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