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Monday, April 11, 2011

Our Lancaster Getaway

This past weekend, Joseph and I had the opportunity to visit Lancaster, PA - one of my very favorite places to go. Between all the quaint Amish shops, Sight and Sound, and home cooked goodness at Deiner's restaurant, we still managed to find time to relax. It was a rejuvenating trip, and an excuse to "get away" from all the busy humming that often accompanies daily life.

Here are some visuals from the trip:

Our quaint little room at Country Inn of Lancaster.

Since we couldn't take pictures inside the theater, this is the best it's gonna get. 

I guess it could get a little better. :)

Gorgeous Amish countryside.

Mini horses from an Amish farm we visited. This baby was born only a week ago!

And last, but not least, my love affair with a goat. 
This dude would seriously not leave me alone.

What a relaxing and amazing trip! I loved spending time with my husband and it was so nice to dump all the media distractions that so easily take up our precious time. This mini-vacation was a great conversation starter for making some much needed changes in our lives. A blog post will probably be coming soon with the details of our decision!


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