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Friday, February 25, 2011

Politics, Cell Phone Towers, and Christianity

The following is a guest post from my husband, Joseph. I hope you enjoy reading his thoughts as well as having a break from my own! :)

I'm not a political junkie, however, I do like to think that I'm at least politically informed. I watch presidential speeches; listen to political commentary (from all sides); watch local, state, and national news; and often get into political discussions with friends and coworkers. But when it comes to politics, I really enjoy engaging my mind. In other words - when I watch the news, listen to a speech, or take part in political discussions, I start picking apart the pieces to see if what is being said makes sense in the real world. I also check to see whether or not it fits with my worldview. I like my thoughts to be.. just that, my thoughts. Sometimes political commentators even agree with me!

One of the things that irritates me most in politics is the "party line repeaters." You know who I'm talking about. "Repeaters" are the people who spew the party line, no matter what side they are on. They think they know exactly where they stand, when in reality, they just repeat what they heard on the radio or saw on TV. Repeaters often have 1 or 2 heroes and you know who they are because they often drop their name into conversation frequently. When pressed, repeaters cannot explain why they are for or against a certain proposition. I liken these people to cell phone towers. Cell phone towers don't say anything, they don't create information, they don't process the information that comes through them, they just transmit (or repeat if you will) the information from one tower to another until it reaches its destination

What bothers me even more is when this "repeater" mindset sneaks into our Christian walks. We can easily become dittoheads of our favorite Christian preacher, author, or professor. Don't get me wrong, just as Rush Limbaugh is useful to the conservative right, these Christian leaders are very useful in growing our personal walk with Christ. But instead of molding our life after Christ, we mold our lives after great Christians. Think this is a new problem? Think again. The first several verses of 1 Corinthians 3 speak to this very issue of people identifying themselves by their spiritual leaders.

Again - I do want to stress that Pastors, Authors, and other spiritual leaders play a wonderful role in challenging us in our walk with Christ as well as promoting growth. However, beware of becoming a "repeater." We should strive to be like the Bereans, to whom Paul the apostle preached. After he had finished preaching, the Bereans examined the scriptures for themselves to see that what he said was actually true.

A personal relationship with Christ is built on the foundation of first person communication with Him. Being a repeater is not enough - we need to engage ourselves with our Savior through prayer and self study of His word.

Joseph Comings works as an operations technician for YNN and actively participates in his church's Adult Bible Fellowships and AVL (Audio, Video, Lights) ministry. In addition to discussions on politics and spiritual matters, he enjoys his hobby of European board games and eating Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream.


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