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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Treats

We are having some friends over to play games tonight and I decided that I was finally going to master my sugar cookies and royal icing. I found my inspiration at Annie's Eats. Side note:  I LOVE HER BLOG!

I think everything came together really well! The recipe I used for royal icing was a breeze, and decorating the cookies did not take as long as I expected.

My only complaint is that the spiderweb cookies could have been a little bit cleaner looking - I will have to work on that technique, but overall, I am quite happy. These look so good that I am dying to eat a few before the guests arrive......

Meanwhile, I tried to get my bunny into the Halloween spirit.

But it was a no-go.

Then she tried to eat my little pumpkin.....

Which, by the way, is the only pumpkin that made it out of my garden alive. So, I am quite protective of it. :)

Happy Halloween, everyone!


Joseph said...

The cookies were DELISH!

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