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Saturday, September 4, 2010

"Lies the Government Told You" by Judge Andrew P. Napolitano

Judge Napolitano's political book, "Lies the Government Told You", outlines seventeen different lies the government has been feeding Americans over the course of history. Are all men created equal? Does every vote really count? Are you truly innocent until proven guilty? Many Americans are unfortunately sucked into believing these falsehoods. The media, and almost every politician, want you to believe that you live in a free society where you can control your own circumstances, but it is simply not true.

Napolitano dissects each lie into a very organized and understandable way, and is careful to give both sides of the argument. I was impressed at how he called out both Republicans and Democrats, stating that both have repeatedly lied to Americans for centuries. But, there were some parts that left me confused and unsure about the validity of Napolitano's sources. Almost every source was secondary and he relied too much on opinion articles. For instance, Napolitano describes FDR and his supposed part in allowing and even provoking the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. All so he could have a legitimate excuse to join the war. Napolitano's only source is a book devoted to the topic, yet it is written by a conspiracy theorist. Maybe it did happen, and maybe it didn't, but I would have liked to see more concrete evidence.

All in all, I really enjoyed the book, even though it did get me a little hot-headed at times. It even inspired me to write this post here, based on the social security scam. A definite must-read if you enjoy raising your blood pressure! :)



Sharon Henning said...

I was going to request this book but based on your well written account, I think I'll wait for the next book. Enjoyed your blog. Feel free to visit mine as well.

Aaron Marcelli said...

Good review. Helpful. Thanks!

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