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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 1 and 2: New England Road Trip

On Sunday, Joseph and I started out mid-morning on our incredibly exciting road trip! We planned on camping out for a few of the days, so we had a TON of stuff to pack. Look at how full our little Fit is!

Our first stop was in East Haddam, Connecticut at Gillette Castle. This castle was built exclusively for William Gillette, a noted actor and playwright in the late 1800's and early 1900's. The man was brilliant, yet eccentric, and it was so fun to go through his house!

The woodwork was amazing!

Next stop was our campsite at Rocky Neck State Park in CT. We planned on setting up our tent and then hiking some of the surrounding trails. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of our tent all set up, but I did take a picture of these freaky trees that surrounded our site. Doesn't it look like the set of a horror movie?

The next day, we headed toward Mystic, CT. It was a cute little town.....

.....that is best known for it's role in the movie "Mystic Pizza", starring Julia Roberts. We decided to try out the place (which was the actual set of the movie!) and see if the pizza really was "A Slice of Heaven".

The verdict? AMAZING. The sauce was delicious! I am actually thinking about diving in to my leftovers right now. :)

We also visited the oldest steam powdered cider mill in the country, and indulged in some hot apple cider and scrumptious donuts!

This is my "mmmmm donut" face. LOL.

Our last stop of the day was Newport, Rhode Island. I am in love with this city! So picturesque and the streets are filled with beautiful mansions!

I could totally live in one of those!

We hiked a three mile cliff walk that took us past these gorgeous homes, and along the rocky coastline of Rhode Island. The scenery was absolutely amazing and the smell of the salty air, mixed with an ocean breeze, was very relaxing. I would love to go back sometime!

So far, we are having some incredibly new experiences, but most of all, we are simply thrilled at being able to spend quality, uninterrupted time together.



Andrew said...

Oh come on...the house you live in now is almost that big!

Kristina said...

"quality, uninterrupted time together" I vaguely remember what those words mean, lol!

Now I really really want to go to NE!

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