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Friday, June 4, 2010

2010 Grocery Project: May

I cannot believe how late I am writing this post! I was a tad behind in recording all our receipts. :)

This month I did not make my goal of $150, again. Instead, I came in at $156.67. It has been quite a struggle to come under this number and I am not sure whether or not the amount is too much of a strain on our family and should be re-evaluated.

There are some other factors to consider as well:
  • I was a lot busier with my cake business and therefore had less time to plan and prepare meals.
  • I did not combine many coupons with sales as I normally do. I simply did not have the time to run to three different stores to get some of those good deals. 
Sounds like the most common factor was my lack of time. Less prep = Less saving. But I am not going to get all upset over it. I will just pick myself back up and try to do better for June. :)


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