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Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Things Homemade

I recently bought a book titled, "Homemade: How-to Make Hundreds of Everyday Products Fast, Fresh, and More Naturally". I was very intrigued since I am all about the self-sufficiency idea. I enjoy baking my own bread (when I have time) and experimenting with making my own products instead of relying on expensive grocery store items, which can also be loaded with preservatives and toxic chemicals. I have even considered owning a Mini Jersey cow someday to make our own milk and cheese........Joseph is not too fond of that one. :)

So, back to this exciting book. It is filled with recipes for preparing and stocking up on pantry staples as well as ideas to concoct your own beauty items, medicinal remedies, and all natural cleaning products. To say I am thrilled to test these out is an understatement. I am so eager to begin experimenting and I am taking my blog readers along for the ride. We are going to test and see if making products from scratch truly is more economical and beneficial for your body.

Here are some future posts to whet your appetite:
- Homemade peanut butter: Is it cheaper and more nutritious?
- Aromatherapy baths: Will they help you sleep any better?
- Shaving-Cut Lotion: Is it effective at stopping and healing razor nicks?
- Anti-Cramp Tea: Will this really reduce your monthly discomfort?
- Nontoxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner: Do they clean just as well as expensive brands?

Look for updates concerning this ongoing project!


Kristina Petrella said...

Exciting!!!! I am buckling my seat belt and am along for the ride. Have you checked out Charlie's Soap? Love the stuff to death and it makes my clothes smell so clean and yummy with no additives or perfumes. Their site is www.charliesoap.com
You may also like the magazine Mary Jane's Farm. Very much up the same alley! Have fun concocting!

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