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Thursday, July 16, 2009

House Chaos

Buying a first home has not gone as smoothly as I had previously thought. I followed all the steps correctly and in order.....

1. Get Pre-qualified for a Loan
2. Start Looking at Houses
3. Make an Offer
4. Apply for the Loan
5. Get an Inspection
6. Close on the House
7. Move In!!

Unfortunately, Joseph and I have been stuck at steps 4 and 5. We have applied for the loan, but the bank is taking their sweet time at getting it processed. Plus, banks nowadays are being very sticky about PMI when you do not have 20% down on the house. That is cause for some delays as well.

We ordered the inspection to be done, but alas, this truly is the tell-all. The floor in the downstairs bathroom is completely rotting out because of a leak in the toilet. The whole floor (wood and all) will have to be replaced. The whole patio roof is rotting out too. Last, but certainly not least, the radon test = Fail. Hence, a whole mitigation system must be installed. All these problems have also contributed to a delay in our closing date as we negotiate with the sellers yet again about knocking down the price or giving us a credit at closing.

Life is so confusing right now! I keep thinking of that verse that encourages us to pray and petition to God about our concerns whenever we feel anxious. I am definitely still in the early stages of learning to do this. Usually, I worry myself until I am sick, and then I give it to God. In reality, I really need to give him my problems first without any of the worry!


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