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Monday, May 4, 2009

Bittersweet? Nah

There is a light visible at the end of the tunnel. (And it's not a train!).

This week begins my very last week ever of my schooling career. The last four years of college have seem to fly by, but not soon enough. I have always loved learning and have thrived in school, but I'm finally ready to be done. And I can honestly say that I will not miss Binghamton University, nor their professors.

This is not a bittersweet kind of moment that all my other friends from BU are experiencing, and I have no apologies for that whatsoever. :-) (Perhaps this is because I always ended up doing most of the work for them. Hate those group projects.)

Now I am off to bigger and better things. Pursuing a career, making more time for my marriage, and most of all, making more time for ME. I have given up so much of myself just to make it though college, especially this last semester. Now I can pursue the things that have ended up on the backburner and enjoy life a little bit better. :-)

May 17th.......12:00p.m.............Kalyn Comings will have her Bachelors in Business Management!!! Watch out Wall Street!! lol. :-)


Joseph said...

counting down the days with you!!

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