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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Role Models

I have been intrigued, yet discouraged at the types of people teens admire and look up to. It is almost as if immorality has been placed on a pedestal in an effort not to offend the "wrongdoer". The thing is, it is not just the celebrities who teens aspire to imitate. It is the students and young adults who attend our local churches.

Let me explain myself.

I understand that there is absolutely NO ONE who is righteous. We all have a sinful nature and I am not here to judge those who have sinned, been forgiven, and are trying to be spiritual examples to the younger generation so they do not make the same mistakes. What I am trying to address are the ones who have rebelliously sinned and "flaunted" it in front of the church congregation. Sadly, I have seen so many examples of this and these "Christians" are still allowed to be involved in ministry! I think that is what shocks me the most. Essentially, it is almost as if these churches are accepting the offense, which demonstrates to other members that there is no consequence for sin.

I am in no position to determine judgments for sinful actions. I sure do not want others judging me! But I implore all Christians to walk their talk. One of the reasons why we are not winning the world to Christ is not because of Jesus.....it is because of us. Many times, we are the barriers to salvation. I am not perfect, nor are any of you - so lets admit it! Let's not be hypocritical and talk "Christian" when no one can differentiate us from our worldly culture anyway. Let's be transparent to the younger generation and give them someone real to look up to. We have the opportunity to model ourselves after the greatest Role Model and mirror that example to our friends, family, and our children. Let's do it!


Joseph said...

Very awesome - very true - very timely - very timeless. Something we don't see in "modern Christian culture" is repentance for wrongdoing. If someone were to ask me what would separate a sinner from a Christian my response would be "True, meaningful repentance." Have a great day sweetheart!

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